Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perry says "Galileo outvoted"

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Rant to comment on last night’s Republican debate. 

My favorite moment?   By favorite, I don’t mean that I cheered or liked it, but that it defines why Rick Perry needs to go back to school instead of running a state and, certainly, not a country.  In response to Jon Huntsman’s statement on his position on climate change, Brian Williams asked Rick Perry about his previous statements on his position on this issue.  After all the erroneous statements about scientists daily abandoning the “theory” of human caused climate change, he uttered this gem of wisdom:


Galileo was a brilliant scientist.  He is credited with many discoveries, most notably the telescope.  Through his telescope, he was able to confirm Copernicus’s theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun.  The problem?  At that time, in Italy, the Pope and the Catholic Church were firm in their beliefs that the Earth was the center of the Universe.  To suggest something other than this was HERESY.  Galileo went on trial before the Inquisition and, primarily due to his advanced age, was sentenced to imprisonment in his cottage for the remainder of his life.  He was enjoined to no longer speak or write about his heretical theory of the solar system.  You can read more here about the lead up to the trial, the trial itself and the results:

This wasn’t a trial as we now know it from Law & Order or even Franklin & Bash.  It was Galileo against the Cardinals and the Church.  For all intents and purposes the Church was The Government.  Galileo faced excommunication, possible torture, imprisonment and possibly even death for suggesting an alternative explanation for our “universe.”  This was not a democratic process – he wasn’t “outvoted for a spell” as Rick Perry characterized this episode of history.  Galileo was forced to recant his heresy and to never speak of it again. 

Fortunately for us today, climate scientists are continuing to speak up.  Recently thousands of people, in protest of the Keystone XL tar sands project, gathered outside the White House.  Several hundred were arrested, including Bill McKibben of, Daryl Hannah, Naomi Klein and NASA’s top scientist, James Hansen.  In the case of Galileo, at worst he would have been executed.  One person alone could have died.  Our continued denial of human caused climate change and our refusal to take action to, at the very least, slow down its progress will ultimately lead to the deaths of millions upon millions of human and non-human lives on our planet.  Just as The Inquisition ushered in The Dark Ages, the stance of Rick Perry and nearly all of the Republican candidates for the Presidency may very well cause the entire Earth to go dark.  They may, in fact, be responsible for killing all of life on Earth.  Denial and adherence to dogma is a recipe for disaster. 

Of course, there was more to the debate last night. 
·         PERRY: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme
·         PAUL:  Eliminate the minimum wage
·         BACHMAN:  Obama caused the rise of gas prices from $1.79 a gallon to nearly $4.00 a gallon
·         BACHMAN:  Obamacare is bankrupting America
·         CAIN: his 9-9-9 tax plan.  9% tax on businesses, 9% tax on income, 9% sales tax

Santorum, Gingrich & Romney contributed as well, but none of their remarks made as much of an impression upon me as those above.  I’m convinced that Perry will win the Republican nomination.  Do we really want another undereducated Texas governor in the White House?  If he or she is going to run our country, shouldn’t the President be, at the very least, as smart as the smartest amongst us? 


  1. I didn't watch it and am glad I didn't. Why the Republicans keep electing the worst of their leaders, those who would be better leading a little fanatical church in the woods, is beyond me.

  2. It's puzzling except for the fact that we just have to consider the sad state of our educational system & realize that keeps people from making an informed choice to vote for the person who will actually work in their best interests. And corporations dump TONS of money into the campaign coffers allowing the candidates to run the best & most commercials.

  3. I think you would have "loved" the discussion of Parents' Rights. The assumption being that EVERY parent has only the best interests of their children at heart. After all parents aren't drug/alcohol addicts, don't beat their children, don't rape/molest their children, don't feed their children nutritious foods, etc. In their world (Bachman & Santorum in particular) all parents are perfect parents.

  4. I couldn't watch... just couldn't stomach it. So let me get this straight... Perry thinks it was a good thing that Galileo was "outvoted" for a while? The part that really kills me is that the media somehow sees fit to give these people credibility. Oh, but I forgot, the media is owned by the same corporations who own the crazy people... I mean the Republican candidates.

    I can't help but think that this is all no accident. I think Lewis Powell finally got what he set out to accomplish, the corporate takeover of the American brain.

  5. Actually, Perry was saying he doesn't believe that climate change is human caused. Then said "even Galileo....". So, I guess he was equating himself with Galileo - he was thought to be wrong & later found to be correct. See Perry doesn't believe because "the jury is still out" and daily scientists are disavowing this "theory". When asked to name a scientist he trusted, he simply didn't answer the question. Of course he may have been saying that "people" didn't believe Galileo like he (Perry) doesn't believe climate scientists. Then, maybe, sometime in the future (359 years later, like Galileo?) people like him will believe. Either way, he's an idiot.