Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's on Your Plate

I'm not going to lecture you, but instead am asking you to take a few minutes to watch this segment from this morning's UP with Chris Hayes.  I have to say that I never, in my wildest dreams, expected to see a roundtable discussion like this.  When I first became a vegetarian, it was in response to a documentary about the markets in South Korea.  Those markets sold live cats and dogs for FOOD!  As an American, I was appalled, disgusted and outraged.  It was enough to make me reevaluate what we, as Americans, ate.  Was it really any worse to eat the flesh of chickens, cows or pigs than to eat the flesh of dogs and cats?  Why? 

Shortly after becoming a vegetarian I received a postcard in the mail, inviting me to attend a seminar called Animal Rights 101.  There was a film, narrated by Julie Christie, that showed how all kinds of animals were being exploited by humans.  That was my introduction, not only to animal rights, but to the rest of the story on circuses, "food" production, marine parks, rodeos and so on.  My eyes were opened and nothing could ever close them again. 

Mainstream media, recently, has been covering some of these stories, like the "pink slime" present in ground up cow and the massive amounts of antibiotics fed to industrially raised "food" animals.  This morning, Chris Hayes and four guests discussed pink slime and how we are raising the animals destined for our plates.  Watch the video, please.


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  3. Yuk! And now stories of chicken food with arsenic and chickens being fed even caffeine, to keep them awake so they eat more. Disgusting and awful.