Sunday, July 10, 2011

THE TRUTH ABOUT KITTENS… or what my kitten, Cagney, has taught me

1.       RULE #1 – if it moves grab it or pounce on it
2.       Cats have tails for kittens to play with
3.       Everything is a potential toy
4.       It’s possible to squeeze under anything
5.       It’s imperative to squeeze under everything
6.       If kittens have an OFF button, it isn’t easy to find
7.       It’s the job of a kitten to inspect EVERYTHING
8.       Nothing is off limits to a kitten
9.       The universe, as they know it, revolves around a kitten
10.   A kitten is the most adorable and precious thing in existence


  1. OMG... she is SOOOO cute! My Smoky Bear is nearly 2, but he still firmly abides by all of the rules, especially number 3 and it's sub-rule "Curtains were created for me to climb."

  2. I've been fortunate in that only a couple of kittens over the years discovered curtain climbing. Cagney is about twice this size now. Photos are from about 2 months ago. They grow too fast!

  3. you forgot that humans make the best toys :) this list is spot on..

  4. Hmm, not so sure about that. Cagney loves to bite my nose & fingers when I try to fall asleep. I prefer her to play with her toys or the other cats. Her teeth are like needles!