Friday, June 3, 2011

Charlie Redux

The adventure (?) continues.  Charlie has failed to make any remarkable improvement since I began treatment for exonic pancreatic insufficiency, although he did put on 4 ounces in 2 weeks.  He's still under 5 pounds and in the past two days has required me to force feed him.  He's also developed a serious herpes eye infection, which is limiting his vision.  I've been debating (with myself) whether I should just give up and put him to sleep.  I've vacillated, with nights being when I say yes and daylight brings new hope. 

This morning I decided to check a blog I hadn't visited in nearly a year.  Jane Garrison had caught my attention during the animal rescues following Katrina.  She tirelessly saved so many animals as a volunteer.  She started Animal Rescue New Orleans, which is still operating today, run by local residents.  The post I read, I had read before.  One of her cats had been diagnosed with hemobartonellosis. It's now known of as Mycoplasma Haemofelis.  Maybe this is what has been afflicting Charlie for this past year.  I called my vet's office and asked if we could start him on doxycycline & prednisolone, the meds used to treat this disease.  To find out more about it, go here:

After checking with the vet, I got the okay to proceed.  Unfortunately, due to Charlie's weight loss, the doxycycline would need to be compounded at a pharmacy.  After speaking to the pharmacist, and relaying my frantic concern, she agreed to have it ready today.  I'll be meeting my friend from the vet's office in another hour to pick up the pred and then, hopefully, the pharmacy will have his antibiotics ready.  Keep your fingers crossed that this is what he needs to improve.  I just hope it's not too late to make a difference for him. 

This ordeal has taken its toll on both of us.  My emotional state has been out of control.  His struggles and confusion have left me in anguish, and feeling nearly helpless.  I'll keep you posted on any and all progress.


  1. Good luck, let's hope this works!

  2. Was cautiously optimistic. He actually seemed SO much better this AM. Came home, seemed okay, but thinner again. Then I don't know what happened. He couldn't stand or walk, labored breathing & unfocused. I moved him from the hall to the kitchen and after about 15 minutes he got up and moved to the back door. About 5 minutes later he got up and walked into the living room & into his "special" place. Hard to get to there. He did some wailing before he collapsed in the hall & when he got up in the kitchen. Quiet now. I'm seriously concerned & my vet is closed until tomorrow AM.