Sunday, May 22, 2011

I lied!

As of yesterday, there is a new addition to the household.  A teeny, itsy bitsy, black & white kitten, gender undetermined.  Weight, only 1 pound and 4 ounces.  The baby's name is Cagney, although Screamer might be more appropriate.  She/he has very definite opinions and doesn't mind expressing them loudly and often.  I love vocal cats....................probably not very surprising.  I swore no more critters - I don't want them to outlive me.

She/he was most probably dumped at or next to my vet's office.  A man found the other kitten in the street a week ago Saturday.  He brought the kitten to the vet where the kitten was euthanized.  From what I was told, the kitten was suffering from heat exhaustion and appeared to have been hit by a vehicle.  I spotted Cagney on Tuesday, under a car in the driveway of a house next to the vet's office.  A few employees knew the kitten was there, but no one attempted to catch the kitten.  I was finally able to get a trap and dropped it off on Friday.  The young woman who lives in the house caught Cagney Saturday morning and I picked her/him up and brought her/him home.  Cagney is residing in my bathroom for the time being.  Prefers being held and will try to climb my legs if I don't pick her/him up.  Sharp, dagger like claws digging into bare legs - not a pleasant experience but, somehow, endearing. 

I'll post a picture once I get my camera operational again.

Charlie, Claudia and Cissy are hanging in.  Cissy had 4 teeth pulled on Tuesday and finally started eating normally today.  It's been a chore running a MASH unit for 3 cats lately.  I really am way too old for this!

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