Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Random Thoughts

Well, 2011 started off as 2010 ended – still recovering from the surgeries, but able to work part time and still have weekday hyperbaric treatments.  When will this be over?  It’s anybody’s guess.

So, while I recover, the world keeps spinning.  While going through this extended recovery period, it’s harder and harder to look on the bright side. The state of our planet continues to spiral downward and seems to concern only a small percentage of Americans.  More and more species are not only endangered but are going extinct.  Last year was the hottest year recorded and polar bears may die out in the next 20 years.  Big cats throughout the world are still being killed, either because of concerns over protecting livestock or just for the sport of it.  Over 700 manatees died last year, the worst year on record as well.  Millions of unwanted, homeless cats, dogs, puppies and kittens are killed in shelters each and every year.  Children in developing countries are dying in mines, due to pollution, war or lack of clean food and water.  Lack of regulation and strict oversight allows things like the Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico and the West Virginia mining disaster, yet Florida’s new governor wants government to get out of the way of business.  When will people realize that the one and only thing that business is interested in is PROFITS?  It isn’t about worker safety, it isn’t about creating jobs, it isn’t about providing healthcare for their employees, it isn’t about insuring that generations to come have a healthy planet to live on.  PROFITS, that is the only concern.  Government regulation is the only thing protecting the average citizen and worker.  Without regulation our air, water and food supply would be in even worse shape.  There would be no OSHA overseeing workplace safety. 

Of course, there has been good news as well, both on a personal and world level.  Chaz, who was given not much chance of surviving long back in September, is still with me and hanging in there.  His brother, Charlie, although still way too thin, continues to eat everything that isn’t nailed down.  CARE Feline TNR helped pull 40 cats from Orange County Animal Services and is finding homes for many of them.  Animal rescuers, from the one person to multi-volunteer ones, continue to place cats and dogs in loving homes.  According to the Washington Post, vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming more mainstream.  China is putting large amounts of money into renewable energy and water conservation.  And, for the time being, the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is safe from oil drilling.  Let’s hope 2011 will have more Good News stories than Tragic News stories. 

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