Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Deep Blue Sea

I watched The Deep Blue Sea online this morning.  It is a love story, or more the story of a woman searching for love, based upon the Terence Rattigan play from the 1950s.  The film stars Rachel Weisz, Simon Russell Beale and, wait for it………………...……...………. . TOM HIDDLESTON.  

I recently saw a comment, on one of the Tumblr blogs (dedicated, of course, to Tom) that I follow, by someone who hated the film.  I have no idea how old she is, but I’m certain she’s much younger than me.  Having been born in 1950 and growing up in that time period, I felt the film captured the old-fashioned mindset and morals of that time.  I actually really enjoyed the film, if for no other reason than it was from a woman’s point of view.  How often does that happen, even now, about 60 years later?  The film is about the Rachel Weisz character, who felt out of step with convention and her father’s, a vicar, opinion of the role of women.  The two men in her life didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t try to understand her.  Although, personally I think Tom’s character did a much better job than did Simon, as Rachel’s husband.

I had already watched the youtube video of Tom’s interview for this film and was intrigued by his description of the characters and the film itself.  Here’s the link.   I think what intrigues me most about Tom is how much thought he gives to his character, whomever he is portraying.  He is a serious actor, even in the Marvel movies he has made.  He climbs into the skin of his character and brings that character to life.  He brings a humanity to each of them, even when he is at his most villainous in The Avengers.  All too often, for me at least, characters in films or television shows are, at best, two dimensional.  I want to understand the characters myself.  What makes them behave a certain way or why they respond the way they do.  I give this film, The Deep Blue Sea, 5 stars.  If you have Netflix, Hulu Plus or some other online movie subscription, have a look and let me know what YOU think of the film.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just a Short Hello

Quick update:

Physical therapy will be over this week.  Hey, only 7 months in recovery.

Lost another cat:  Culpepper.  He's been sick for nearly a year.  He was feral from kittenhood, so wasn't a candidate to go to the vet.  I'm pretty certain it was renal failure, which is difficult to deal with for a tame cat.  There's no way I could medicate him or give him fluids.

Four new cats:  My 92 year old neighbor passed away a week ago Tuesday.  Three of us split up her cats between us.  Laurel took 2, Barb took 3 & I took 3.  Unfortunately some c**k-sucking SOB dumped a kitty in a carrier on the neighbor's lawn the night of her funeral.  She left the carrier door open and left chicken bones inside for her to eat!!!  A bludgeoning death for this asshole would be too good for her.  I've named this sweet kitty Chelsea.  She's adjusting in my teeny tiny bathroom.  She loves to be held.

Finally, I haven't been in the mood to write anything.  The main reason?  I've been sucked into the Tom Hiddleston Vortex.  Can we say obsession?  That's where I am.  If you haven't any idea just who Hiddleston is, just Google him.  He is, without a doubt, the most popular topic on the internet.  Or here's a link to a good jumping off spot: Hiddleston-daily  I even joined Tumblr & Twitter (jossisgod is my screen name) so I could more easily follow the latest photos, gifs, videos, etc.  Yes, I am a nearly 64 year old fangirl.  Short list of his films:

War Horse
The Deep Blue Sea
Thor - The Dark World
The Avengers (my fave)
The Hollow Crown (PBS- Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2 plus Henry V)

I also went to see the National Theater Live worldwide live broadcast of his play, Coriolanus, on January 30th.  Unf***ingbelievable!!!!!!!  It's one of Shakespeare's last histories.  The play was at the Donmar Warehouse in London and ran for about 3 months.  Mark Gatiss, of PBS' Sherlock fame. was in the play as well.  There are rebroadcasts around the country.  Check it out, if you're interested, by going to NTLive at here.

and an obligatory Loki, the god of mischief, from Thor, The Avengers and Thor - The Dark World:

His next film is Only Lovers Left Alive, where he plays a 500 year old vampire.  What's not to love?  The film premiers in the US in early April, probably to a limited run since it's an indie film by Jim Jarmusch.  His co-star is Tilda Swinton, playing his 500 year old vampire love interest.