Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite holiday website

I discovered this site 3 or 4 years ago.  It always make me smile, especially because I haven't put up a tree in years.  Check out the pictures and I hope it makes you smile too.

Happy Holidays to one & all.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We love our cats.  Some of us are obsessed with our cats, or just cats in general (pick me, pick me!).  One of the things about which I and most others complain, however, are THE LITTER BOXES!  It’s a chore, it’s a nasty and dirty job and it must be done. 

I’ve come to realize that the worst part is simply getting started.  It’s the biggest hurdle for me to overcome.  I dread the task.  Yet once I start, it generally becomes a Zen moment.  I can clear my mind, focus on the task at hand and, once completed, have a pleasant result.   Is there anything more wonderful than clean litter boxes?  I have a sense of accomplishment.  I feel like a success.  A sense of peace and well being settles upon me. 

The only thing my cats like more than a newly scooped box is a new plate of food.  Those cats, they really don’t ask us for much and give so very much in return.  I’m can’t imagine living without the warmth, comfort, love and purrs they give me in return.  Life is good as long as there is at least one cat in it.  Us cat folks know how fortunate we are to have them in our lives.