Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

I know that I’ve been strangely silent of late.  I’m still at home recovering.  I went to see both my surgeon and infectious disease doctor last week.  The surgeon found another area, near the first, that caused him concern.  He excised more skin and there was additional drainage from that area.  I go back to see him this Wednesday.  The infectious disease doctor doesn’t seem as concerned.  At my urging, he continued my IV antibiotics for another week, then is switching me to oral antibiotics.  He didn’t change the IV antibiotic even though the first area is still draining and a new area has cropped up.  I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv, but it seems logical to me that the current IV antibiotic not only hasn’t cleared up the infection, but also hasn’t stopped it from spreading.  Hopefully the results of the culture sent out by my surgeon will result in trying a different antibiotic.  

PICC line for IV antibiotics - not me in picture

I had planned to put up a post following the massive tornado strike in Moore, OK early last week.  It’s written (mostly), but I just lost my motivation.  The focus is on the plight of animals in all types of disasters.  Following the unexpected minor surgery last Wednesday, I was in a lot of pain and, frankly, feeling sorry for myself and down in the dumps.  Yes, I can be ridiculously self-centered and pissy.  I really don’t make a good patient, maybe because I’m an impatient person and I despise being held back by infirmities.  

I haven’t felt like watching my favorite “political” programs on MSNBC or even Jon Stewart’s show.  The crap going on both on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country is so overwhelmingly horrible that it is demoralizing, at least for me.  The firm grip that major corporations and uber-wealthy activists (yes, Koch Brothers, I’m talking about you) is unbelievably maddening.  Often times it leaves me feeling hopeless, which is much easier to accomplish in my doom and gloom mindset.  Instead, I’ve spent much of my time napping, playing Cat Herder – an online game, or watching television.  On the television front there is some good news.  Both The Glades and Longmire are premiering tomorrow night.  Major Crimes on TNT will be back on later in June (bad news, these shows conflict with each other).  In the fall, ABC has picked up the Joss & Jed Whedon/Melissa Tancheroen show, The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – WHOO HOO!  There is the problem that it’s opposite one of my favorites – NCIS.  Love me some Mark Harmon.  

I will make a shout out to the incredible women of Sky Dancing.  I have been getting my political fix from them.  With their amazing posts, a couple of times each day, I am able to keep up with not only the rancid news of the day, but amazing stuff happening as well.  Sky Dancing has been my lifeline to the real world through the eyes of like-minded bloggers and readers.  Thanks to one and all there for giving me a modicum of sanity in this insane world.  And, of course, my darling kitties and crazy dog, Maggie, have kept me smiling…..except when Maggie insists on barking at absolutely nothing.  

Friday, May 10, 2013

Going On Hiatus

I am about to leave for the hospital.  I have no idea how long I will be in.

Talk to you when I return.