Monday, September 3, 2012

The Real Meaning of Labor Day

No, it's not about picnics or barbecue.  It is about people who actually LABOR to make a living - people who work and make products or sell products.  It's not about people who invest their Wall Street "winnings" to reap more winnings and then pay a pittance on their capital gains.  Those of us who actually work for a paycheck are the only ones who pay our full taxes, don't have offshore accounts or holdings in non-existent companies or blind trusts.

I am going to refer you to two links that are worth reading.  They are tributes to the PEOPLE of America who know what it is to WORK for a living.  The people who have worked to improve working conditions, wages and benefits for every worker, whether or not those workers are unionized.

Workers' Rights are Human Rights

Skydancing - Labor Day: Celebrate the 99%

Trust me, both links are worth your time.

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