Friday, September 14, 2012

Please Vote for Manatees!

Please Vote for Manatees!

Save the Manatee Club is a non-profit located in Central Florida.  The organization was founded 31 years ago for the purpose of saving manatees from extinction.  Please click on the link above to vote for Save the Manatee Club and help us win a grant in the Chase Giving Campaign.  The grants range from $10,000 to $250,000.  The more votes we get, the higher the grant awarded.  We need your vote.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and will make a big difference for manatees. 

Manatees are marine mammals found in Florida's waterways, in Central and South American waterways and off the coast of West Africa.  They even have a "relative", the dugong, in Australia's waters.  Manatees are vegetarians, eating seagrasses and other aquatic plants.  They have no natural predators.  Most of their injuries and deaths are human related, like strikes from speeding boats and other watercraft, entanglement in crab traps and discarded monofilament fishing lines.  Save the Manatee Club needs YOUR help to protect these wonderful animals. 

Please share this with your friends, family on Facebook, other social networks and with others you know.

Voting ends on September 19th - so time is short.



  1. Since I am a Chase customer, I voted there, not on FB which required getting an ap, which I afraid of. How are you these days?

    1. Thanks for voting. That Ap, I'm afraid, scared a lot of people away. However, you can accept the Ap, vote, & then go back in a day or so later & delete the Ap. I did that in a couple of cases when I had a Facebook account.

      Hangin' in. Fine, but older & more tired. Can't seem to get my internal battery to fully charge any longer. You, on the other hand, continue to give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. Glad you found good homes for those darling kittens.

  2. UPDATE: Save the Manatee won a $ 50,000 grant from the Chase Giving Campaign. For everyone who took time to vote - THANK YOU! Your support means a lot to all of us at Save the Manatee Club & to the manatees you are helping us protect.