Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well, well, well, young ladies, you have stepped over the line one too many times.  My previous scoldings, tongue lashings and hand slappings obviously haven’t worked.  From hence forth you shall only speak when spoken to.  When you do speak, you will utter only the words I tell you to speak.  You will only participate in activities that I have sanctioned.  You will associate only with people and groups who I have previously approved.  Everything you do, say and THINK will be monitored by my hand-picked lady-sitter.  You will learn to behave like the proper ladies I expect you to be.  You will LEARN YOUR PLACE in the world and you will REMAIN IN YOUR PLACE under threat of eternal damnation.  Why?  By what authority do I declare this mandate?  Because I am your Father, my authority comes directly from God, I AM IL PAPA, The Pope!

You are held to a standard set by God.  As a woman, you are born of Man as was Eve born from Adam’s rib.  You are not fully human.  Humanity applies only to men.  We were the first and we wield a mighty wand.  God put man on earth to control your uncontrollable, base nature.  Without our guidance you would sow destruction upon our earth.  Only through our beneficence can you possibly know God and do God’s work.  Only we know God’s mind, only we are inherently able to determine Right from Wrong, Good from Evil.  We are always on the side of Right and Good.  Only we have the God given ability to lead the world and keep people on the path of both Right and Good.  We are God’s perfect examples of how to live a Godly, Devout life…………………..unless, of course we see a lovely young boy and, occasionally, a particularly charming young girl.  Then it is incumbent upon us to share God’s love with them.  With young children, we can demonstrate the ecstasy of God’s love.  We can teach young boys the power that resides within the wand with which God gifted them.  


The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) have been roundly reprimanded by The Vatican, i.e. Pope Benedict for what he and Bishop Leonard Blair have determined that the Leadership:
“had challenged church teaching on homosexuality and the male-only priesthood, and promoted “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”  And these heretical women have focused too much of their time and efforts on the issue of poverty. 

You can read the full article here:

Apparently the pervasive perversion of pedophilic priests and the conspiracy by higher ranking authorities within the church (including the current Pope before he was “elected” to his position) weren’t horrendous, hypocritical nor outrageous enough for Catholics around the world to flee this faith.  I shouldn’t need to detail these crimes committed by priests against children, as well as those committed against church followers.  How these criminally perverted hypocrites could continue to preach to their parishioners about morality, values and purity of mind and body is beyond my understanding.  Certainly, it is the epitome of “Do as I say, not as I do.”  To stand in judgment, take confession of the people who looked to them for salvation is unconscionable.  For me, worse yet was the fact that church elders were well aware of the perverted activities of the priests and chose to either ignore it, cover it up or transfer the priest to another unwitting parish, where those priests would have a “fresh crop” of innocent children to molest.  There was no outrage, no condemnation of this widespread disease infecting the church.  In most cases the church attacked the victims instead.  However, now that women have dared to minister to the poor, to provide counsel and comfort to those in the LGBT community, to speak up for women’s health rights – this is what the Church finds truly outrageous.  This is something that DEMANDS Public Shaming.  No doubt, if the Church had the power in today’s world, these women would be trotted out into the public square, have their bodices ripped from them, tie them to a stake and whip them for the public to witness.  Alternately, they would probably like to lock them in a pillory so that the public could walk past them and pelt them with eggs, rotten tomatoes or even stones.  

What will it take for those who call themselves Catholic to fully reject this corrupt, evil organization?  The sacrificing of the lives of innocent children apparently wasn’t enough.  Will the public shaming and denunciation of nuns and women of faith who have generously served the physical and moral needs of individual people become the one that opens their eyes? 

UPDATE June 2 6:15 PM Eastern Time: Alternet ( has a lengthy post about this issue.  It's well worth reading, as well as encouraging.  Personally, I can only hope that the nuns will defeat The Vatican in this struggle.  Check it out here:


  1. You know, my father may be totally batshit crazy, but at least he had the good sense to part ways with the Catholic church many years ago, and for that I am truly thankful!

  2. Fortunately some people have awakened and renounced the Church. I hope that this results in the downfall of outdated and oppressive organization.