Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Cross-posting from Sky Dancing

I don't know how other bloggers out there put up daily posts, or even post a couple of times a week.  It takes me hours upon hours to find links for my post and then more hours to put it all together.  It's akin to writing a term paper on which I hope to get an A.  Old habits die hard, don't they?

So, I worked on the current post at Sky Dancing ( beginning Friday night and into Saturday, gathering links.  For you regular readers, you know the stories that interest me are a bit far flung.  This new post is no different.  Of course, it's primarily environment based along with posts about determined women and women who are being victimized by our patriarchal society.

I would be grateful if you would follow the link (again, this time directly to my morning post and check out the many stories that I've highlighted.  You can read the full stories at the words/phrases that appear in blue and are not underlined.

Hope to hear from ya'll with your thoughts on the stories that caught your interest.

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