Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Recommendation

Well, I've been under the weather all week and simply don't have the stamina to rant, whine or otherwise comment on the state of the world.  Except for one thing:  The horrendous choice by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to stop funding breast cancer exams & referrals through Planned Parenthood.  Just two important points I want to make:
  1. I've worked for a non-profit since 1993.  Although grant-writing isn't part of my job, I do have personal knowledge of the grant process.  The granting institution chooses, most of the time, to fund a SPECIFIC program.  They can RESTRICT how the funds are spent.  They require, if they have a well defined grant process, a final DETAILED report on the program they've funded.
  2. In America, a person and/or business, is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  Cliff Stearns, a anti-choice Republican from Florida, launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood in September, 2011.  He gave PP a short amount of time to produce the documents he requested.  They did, but he is sitting on them instead of proceeding with his "investigation."  This could have been cleared up last year.  Instead it's been used against PP and allowed Komen to have time to rewrite their guidelines for grants.  Collusion?  You decide.
Now my recommendation.  Read the extremely informative and intelligent blog, Skydancing.  Put it on your daily reading list.  It is a must read for any thinking person.  I can't get through my day without it.  I hope you will feel the same.  Skydancing

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  1. I'm mad at Koman. No more pink anything. March by their events wearing black, or plastered in dollar bills to indicate the sell out.