Sunday, October 2, 2011

Checking in

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  I have been extraordinarily tired lately.  By the time I get home from work, wash the critters' dishes, feed the hungry herd and then tackle the rest of the herd in the cat room, I'm 15 minutes from passing out on the couch.  Even with extra vitamin D3 pills daily, my internal battery has lost its juice.

Some good things:
  • The Big Bang Theory is FINALLY in syndication.  Yay!  I get to watch all those episodes I missed when the show started.  
  • Terra Nova debuted.  DINOSAURS & Jason O'Mara, oh my.  O'Mara was the creepiest villain on The Closer.  He's nice to look at - but I REALLY like the dinosaurs.
  • Had a wonderful lunch with my amazing friend Candy S today.  Garden Cafe - delicious food, interesting company/conversation.  Thanks again for the lunch, Candy.
  • There has been a change of seasons (temporarily, no doubt) in sunny Florida.  I opened the front door and a few windows this AM, much to the delight of the cats.  Turned off the A/C for a few hours.  It's a GOOD THING!
  • A friend & fellow cat rescuer has stepped up to help me get the no longer little Cagney spayed at a much reduced rate.  (Our local animal services clinic has temporarily stopped public appointments for cats & dogs.  Their new veterinarian is fresh out of school and not able to handle the volume that previous seasoned vets were able to do - that is definitely NOT a good thing.  It means even more homeless, unwanted animals will end up at the shelter sooner or later and neither animal services nor the local SPCA are No-Kill facilities).
Some possibly good things:
  • Claudia seems to be responding to this herbal/holistic med KIDNI FLOW.  Two puddles without any blood in them.  It could be my imagination, but she seems to be feeling a bit better too.  I'm sure she was experiencing some pain with this bladder problem.  Please keep your fingers crossed that this stuff will work & clear up Claudia's bladder problem.
  • Colt's eosiniphilic granuloma on his lip has healed.  
  • The On agan, Off agan washer & dryer have mostly been On again.
On the political front:
  • Our political system is so screwed up that my ranting is much like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.  I just don't have the energy to get upset - or at least not lately.  Bernie Sanders seems to be the only voice of reason in Washington.  The rest of those guys are nothing more than scam artists.  Instead of promising to make us rich with their investment schemes, they are scamming most Americans into believing their latest hair-brained idea will improve our collective futures, when the only future they are interested in IS THEIRS.  Move along fellows, I'm not buying.
It's time to finish the laundry, mop the kitchen & bathroom floors and start the buffet for that perpetually hungry horde of mine.

Keep in touch.

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