Saturday, July 2, 2011

House of Cats….and 2 dogs

Is there anything cuter or funnier than a kitten?  Cagney, unlike my adult cats, LOVES toys.  She entertains herself with mice, especially if they have feathers.  She tosses the mouse across the floor or stands on her hind legs with the mouse in her front paws.  I can’t help laughing in delight as I watch her play.  It cracks me up when she carries her prey in her mouth and struts across the room.  But, with a house filled with cats, none seem to want to play with her.  So sad.  For a few passing moments I consider getting her a playmate………….but then I come to my senses.  She will grow out of this kitten phase, and I do not need another kitten/cat PERIOD.

I’ve misplaced the instructions for my camera.  I’m sure they are here somewhere, or probably downloadable.  I did a check of my “cat list” and I don’t have a picture of Campbell, Ciji, Cinja, Cora, or Claudia.  Got to add this to my To Do list.

So here are the kitties:

                Littermates Cowboy, Crystal & Cho-Sun 

Littermates Courtney & Charlise (Charlie’s & Chaz’ sisters)

Mom & littermates Bob, Colt, Crockett & sister Chaka

         Littermates Cassandra & Celeste

Littermates Chow-Li & Crosbie








I'll never make a career out of photographing my critters.  You "get the picture" even though they aren't very good pictures.  Trust me, these guys are much more adorable in person.   You might notice some tipped ears.  These were trapped kittens who, instead of being trapped/neutered/returned, were trapped/neutered & remained with me.  Chandler, Connor & Culpepper never tamed.  Crosbie was the first in his litter to tame and then reverted to a semi-feral state. Charm was a fixed feral turned into animal control.  I pulled her out moments before she would have been euthanized.  That was 6 years ago and she's as feral today as she was then.


  1. I know how that goes, trapping kittens who should tame, but then don't tame to anyone but me, and then end up here. What beautiful cats you have!

  2. Your cats are truly lovely and delightful & your photos ROCK! My 4 boys are basically untouchable by anyone. Courtney resisted taming for about 4 years and then one day rolled over & offered me her belly for a rub. Cats can be unpredictable and inscrutable.

  3. I love your photo of Charm! What a perfectly named cat. I just have one resident cat (a blind rescue kitty named Brie) and one foster (a tiny one-eyed recuperating kitty named Amelie), but they keep me plenty busy.

    Found your blog through EcoCatLady. I think we all have certain things in common!

  4. Welcome. Taking on special needs cats (or dogs) is certainly a labor of love and sometimes an extra challenge. Regardless of their "abilities", they all deserve love, comfort and care.