Saturday, November 13, 2010

Short update

I finally had my skin graft November 4th and spent the night in the hospital.  The donor site for the skin graft - the top half of my right thigh - was excruciatingly painful.  I had to stay overnight to get morphine shots every 4 hours.  I went home on Friday afternoon.

This past Thursday I had the bandage removed from the graft area and it is taking.  There are still a few small areas where it hasn't taken as well, but everything is looking good.  The donor site is still causing me quite a bit of pain and I'm not able to do everything I need to do on my own.  Fortunately, my friends have, once again, stepped in to feed the critters, clean the litter boxes and do my shopping.  I try to stay off my leg as much as possible to lessen the pain in the donor site.  I'm hoping I'll be almost as good as "old" by the end of this week.  Normal, such as it was, may make a return after all.

Chaz continues to hold his own, although he doesn't eat as much as I would like.  His brother Charlie, who had been sick before Chaz, had rebounded but now has begun losing weight again.  He has been doing a bit better in the last week or so.  Time will only tell for both of these sweet guys. 

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