Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinner with Cordelia

In case you were wondering, no I'm not a professional photographer.  And, of course, based on this picture, I knew you weren't wondering that.  These are THE GIRLS, AKA Celie on the left (after the character in the incredible Alice Walker's The Color Purple) and Cordelia on the right (after my least favorite Whedonverse character of Buffy and Angel fame and the only character whose name starts with a C!). 

And this is Caleb, the boy of this mighty triumvirate.  Of the three, he is the sweetest.

I am a cat person, however, I didnt' discover this until the summer of 1968 when my mother let me have a Siamese kitten.  I had found the meaning of life.  My father was not a cat person, to put it nicely.  I once tried to bring a kitten home from a Girl Scout meeting and after getting one foot out of the leader's car, my dad yelled from the front door, "take that damn thing back where it came from."  This is the real reason I am a multiple cat person.  Parents, take note, forbidding cats (and maybe dogs) to your children - very bad idea.  You may be creating a Monster who will rescue animals and choose to keep many of them.  To insure your child will grow up to be normal (something we all aspire to ??), let them have a cat and a dog.  So, no cats, but I did have dogs - one at a time - growing up.  Dogs are nice, but they just aren't CATS.  There's nothing like a cat.  I firmly believe that cats are the pinnacle of evolution.  The majority of cats that I have known have been considerably smarter than nearly every human I've ever met.  I think that is evidence enough, at least for me.  And they are confident, cool and graceful.  I'm generally relatively confident but cool and graceful, not even close.  My father, who really was otherwise truly wonderful, wouldn't allow me to take ballet lessons.  Of course, that is the reason why to this day I am a licensed and certified klutz. 

The actual reason for this entry was to share a dinnertime story.  Cordelia, aka Cordy, is the goofiest dog I have ever had.  Both she and Celie bark while I'm mixing up their food, as if their loud chorus will somehow make me finish faster.  Arghhh.  Barking dogs, not one of my favorite things in the world.  Personally I prefer purring or vocalizing, both done by cats.  But, I can't help but laugh at Cordelia when I head into the hallway with her bowl.  She hops, dances, leaps, jumps backwards.  I think this is because if she takes her eyes off me, her bowl will disappear and she won't be fed.  Cats would never think something that ridiculous.  So Cordy hops backwards, raising up on her hind legs and then down.  Then she performs the same goofy dance until I bend down and put her bowl on the floor.  Who wouldn't smile at the spectacle?  She's just so funny doing her dinner dance.  I'll give this one to the dogs.  Food makes them happy.  Food is the most wonderful thing in the world.  Food is a reason for excitement.  All the while, Caleb waits patiently in the other room.  Of course, when the dogs have finished eating then it's time for more excitement.  Why?  Because now they get to lick the cat dishes.  Ah, the joy of the dinnertime ritual. 

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